Soft furnishings are to a home what a handbag and accessories are to a woman’s outfit! In many respects they are the home, and they are certainly what completes the décor.


When a women gets dressed, she starts with her clothes and shoes and, technically, she’s dressed. But it seldom stops there - it’s on to the makeup, hair style, chokers, bangles, belts, scarves and whatever else is needed to transform the basic clothing into a completed outfit.

It’s exactly the same with a home. Once the basic furniture is in, it’s time to add the accessories and soft furnishings – the curtains, pelmets, blinds, rugs, upholstery, cushions, throws, lamps, shades and so on. It’s the ‘softs’ that complete the décor and hold it all together.

But more than anything, it’s the fabrics and their applications that are so important, not only in terms of their percentage cost within most schemes but also in the way they interact with the other furnishings in terms of colour, texture, design and predominance.


Living Image prides itself in having one of the finest and most extensive ranges of upholstery and curtaining fabrics in the country, with all the most important fabric houses being represented, including Ash Fabrics, Bartlett & Dunster, Chelsea Harbour, Gralan, Home Fabrics, Maison de Textile, Naz Fabrics, Silk and Cotton, Svenmill, Tessasonic, The Fabric Library and Wolfe Street, as well as several ‘little known’ mills that provide an exclusive range of fabrics at extremely competitive prices. These include upholsteries, sheers, linens, weaves, silks, satins, embroideries as well as an extensive range of braids and trims.

In addition, we represent all the major accessory houses supplying blinds, tracks, poles, finials, holdbacks, wallpaper, and so on as well as keeping the latest samples from all the major carpet, rug and floor suppliers.

This extensive range of samples is kept right up to date on a weekly basis so you are always assured of viewing the very latest trends available.

Even more importantly, these are all located in one large display area where it’s easy to choose and lay them all out on large tables to match (or contrast) the colours, patterns and textures. There’s even space to relax and discuss the different possibilities over tea, coffee or a soft drink.


We’ve nearly all chosen fabrics that looked wonderful in a small swatch but completely different when made up as blinds or curtains on our walls, or as upholstery on our couches.


Living Image has now solved this problem with a state of the art computer program which allows you to select the window application (or chair, settee, headboard, etc) you want - and then to drag hundreds fabrics over them to simulate how each will look fully made up in that fabric . . . before you commit to a colour or pattern you may regret or dislike.

It’s quick, easy and fun to use – and it’s the closest you’ll ever get seeing to a final result without actually making up the item. So, if you want to take the guesswork out of fabrics then Living Image is the way to go.


Your final safety net is that we have trained consultants on hand to guide and advise you, and who will take the samples home with you to discuss the applications you want in each room, thereby making sure they will work correctly – based on your choices and both the natural and night lighting in each room, because different fabrics and colours reflect light differently in different situations.

Our curtain makers will also take final measurements of your windows to eliminate the possibility of any mistakes, and our consultants will provide you with a written quotation so you are fully aware of all the costs involved and can have ample opportunity to make changes should the application you asked for exceed your planned budget.