Living Image was started in 1975 by Stanley Oshry, who was born a chubby little baby in 1947. After nursery school (where he drew on everything that didn’t move) he progressed through primary and high school before doing his military training with the local army. There he learned to use a machine gun; the power went to his head and he never let go!

After the army he graduated from Durban University with a B Com degree, majoring in Marketing and Economics. This was followed by articles at one of Durban's top accounting firms and he was one of only four students who started their B Com’s together in 1966 and who qualified as Chartered Accountants at their first attempt. That accounts for his swollen head. (See the caricature on the right)

Now it was party time, and off for a two year stint in the UK where he gained experience in stockbroking, pubbing, touring Europe, skiing and (wait for it, yes) interior design. But it was back to RSA at the end of 1974 and down to the serious business of making a living (forgive the pun) with the opening of Living Image Interiors in September 1975 (see Company Profile / Our History), and the rest (again forgive the pun) is history.

In the early years when the company was small there was time to tinker with life, and he extended his skills to become a dad, a private pilot, a water skier and a golfer. As the company grew, and as computers developed, so too did his passion for tinkering on the small screen and he was instrumental in developing a series of programs to assist the business, both on the admin and the design side, as well as creating a computer cataloging system that could display thousands of products and room settings in seconds, making it easy for customers to find the ideas and products they were wanting.

Today, he’s a hand-on leader with an open-door policy. Anyone can talk to him and he deals freely and directly with all customers. The downside is that he takes on too much to get through in a normal 8 - 5 day so frequently works crazy hours. But, the upside is that this has forced him to build a passionate and talented team around him . . . and this has become the strength and driving force behind Living Image.

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