The most common comment we hear from customers is

‘I like nice things and I want my home to look good but I really don’t know how to put it all together. In fact, I’ve often bought furniture that looked great in the store … but when I brought it home, ugh, it looked sooooh wrong I just wanted to die’.

Well, we have the perfect solution to that.

Our talented consultants will come to your home or office to see first hand your living environment. Then, while on site and within the correct spatial environment, they’ll discuss your specific requirements to make sure that the final result will not only fit and blend perfectly but will also be practical and functional for your purposes. It also helps in getting a 'feel' for the area you wish to decorate and seeing how it needs to co-ordinate with other adjacent areas.

And for those customers who are limited by time constraints, consultations can be scheduled for evenings when the whole family can be present and participate.


Living Image is a company that turns dreams into reality with a team of talented decorators and designers who:

  1. establish your brief and budget
  2. present their proposals
  3. establish the costs
  4. review any changes
  5. check progress during the implementation phase
  6. attend to any snags where necessary

Essentially, our consultants offer:

  1. a single stop where you can order everything you need so you don’t need to deal with multiple stores or coordinate several contractors.
  2. a hands-on approach where Living Image controls the project from start to finish. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy.
  3. coordination of the various suppliers on site because no matter creative our designs are the final result will only be as good as the quality of our suppliers’ execution.


As opposed to high-end, technically orientated firms that deal with major commercial projects we offer a predominantly domestic service that incorporates a relaxed, friendly, one-on-one approach where we welcome and encourage our clients’ views and participation.

Having said that, we have successfully completed many small to medium-sized corporate projects ranging from receptions and foyers through to boardrooms and offices, and from doctors rooms and accounting suites through to restaurants, rugby boxes and b&b's.

Apart from our showroom and retail store (see Showroom button) our services include:

In fact, we are the perfect solution for all your requirements because Living Image has a team of talented decorators and designers who are trained to adapt their knowledge and ideas to suit your needs and preferences. That way, you get what you like and not what the decorator likes – and that’s the way it should be because after all, it’s your home and not theirs.

And, because we’ve been in business since 1975 we’ve built up a large database of reliable contractors, suppliers and specialists who have proven their reliability and work ethic to ensure that projects (from a single room to a dozen time-share apartments) all run smoothly and on time, and within this database we are able to select the best supplier for each aspect of each project.