After the second world war, there was a general shortage of appliances and basic furniture and this gap was filled by factories mass producing products on production lines. There was little emphasis on design and individual preferences were ignored, other than to allow for colour preferences and choices from a range of standard sizes.

By the end of the 1960’s there were several hundred furniture stores in Durban, almost all of which carried the same ‘good old safe middle of the road boring’ stuff. To anyone who stepped back and looked, there was an obvious gap for a store with a more liberal customer attitude and a great mix of quality furniture.

That’s where we came in.

Living Image opened in the Windermere shopping centre on 25th September 1975 with a staff of three which grew fourfold to twelve in 1992.

Then came a big leap of faith. A large premises (1,800 m2 compared with the 360m2 we had) became available which would allow us to display a really comprehensive range of upmarket and designer products.

So we moved . . . and changed our branding to ‘always Different, always New’. We now had space for more than 60 room settings, wall space for a great range of accessory items, a comprehensive fabric department, a huge on-site warehouse and enough room for our admin people and operations staff.

And in 2001 we added another 450m2 for extra storage and off-street valet parking.

Today we offer a unique blend of buy-off-the-floor furniture, custom-made designs, site and home consultations, a full decorating service and complete turnkey projects.