Furnishing and Decorating are very different.

Furnishing is the functional act of buying specific items and placing them into your environment whether or not they actually work together, aesthetically or practically.

Decorating on the other hand is the art of coordinating these pieces together in terms of colour, texture and the desired theme, and then adding the accessories and personal touches to create your required look.

Some people do indeed have the flair to decorate their own homes but many do not, and rather than spend hard earned money on creating an environment that either just doesn’t work or which clashes aesthetically, an interior decorator can be an important safety net.

We, at Living Image, follow international trends closely and adapt our ranges to carefully blend changing global patterns with our unique South African living styles.


For most of us, money is an important limiting factor and we have little choice but to decorate over a period of time. However, as time goes on we usually become distracted by the myriad other issues in our lives and lose focus on our homes, and this often results in rooms with a haphazard, disjointed look that is either not functional or which we just end up hating!

The solution might just be to use our Budget Decorating Plan and to ask a consultant to prepare a Personal Portfolio for you. This could merely be a quick discussion of the principles and directions you want to head towards and there is absolutely no charge for this service. Or you could ask for room layouts, color schemes, fabric choices, wallpaper, flooring and paint selections, and even earmarking individual pieces of furniture and accessories for specific areas. These are charged for at an hourly rate, but because of our experience you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is.

Then, with a focused master plan, you can continue decorating bit by bit as your budget allows. Of course, as time goes on you may want to change some of your original ideas, especially as new styles, patterns and trends become fashionable or as your family needs change, and that’s fine too. Our consultants will be happy to update your plan and always keep you right up to date.


Many people simply cannot visualise how their room will turn out from a scale drawing or a storyboard showing catalogue cuttings of the proposed furniture together with small samples of carpeting, fabrics, wallpaper and paint swatches.

To obtain a simulated 3-dimensional impression of how your room will turn out, several computer programs are now available to create virtual rooms which can be rotated to see the final look from a number of different perspectives, some of which use furniture models and patterns similar to those proposed for you and some that show the actual items.

However, as good as these programs are, they can take weeks to learn and months to become proficient at, and that’s apart from the hours required to then create each room, which is why a charge is levied for each 3-D perspective required.

The benefits, however, can be extremely beneficial as they offer you the next-best-thing to actually seeing the final product installed. And, if certain aspects are not liked, it costs very little to reformat the 3-D with a range of alternatives. The savings on changing interiors that have just been installed can be huge when compared to the modest cost of creating the
3-D’s, and they can also be an emotional safety net removing weeks of anxious moments during the delivery phase where you constantly wonder if it’ll turn out anything like you envisaged or were promised.